I am currently open for commissions.

These are a great way to personalise your art collection with colour and imagery that reflect your unique taste.

When creating commissions I work closely with clients to understand what they want their piece to embody or convey.

As you can appreciate, it is important to get commissions ‘right’ so they can take a little longer to research, design and complete than non-commissioned work.

For this reason, I request a $200 deposit from commission clients prior to starting a piece.

Generally speaking it would be unusual for people to wait longer than 6 weeks for their completed piece but timing can be influenced by how many commissions I have on the go.

To get started, or simply make an obligation (spam free!) inquiry, shoot me an email at

Client Testimonials

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the artwork that I commissioned from you! The piece perfectly captures the mood and essence I was hoping for. Thank you! “ - Amy H

“Working with Sarah was phenomenal every step of the way. The brief was simple. Me. Kindness. Silver linings with a dash of pink and heart sunglasses…having seen Sarah’s previous work I was happy to leave all other creative decisions in her extremely capable hands and wow did she deliver” - Natashia T

Commission Deposit

$ 200.00

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